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The classic accessory is at home on everything from denim jackets or blazers with jeans, to sheaths, or adding punch to pearls, and more. Mindy Lam’s classic brooches have been gracing lapels and turning heads since 2002.

New colors are added every season.

Classic Collection - Butterflies and Orchids

Welcome to the unveiling of the resplendent 'Orchid Garden' by Mindy Lam. Step into a realm of timeless elegance as our beloved classic Orchid and Butterfly brooches make a captivating return this spring - every blossom tells a story of timeless elegance with unparalleled craftsmanship.

Enchantingly crafted and delicately adorned with crystals, handmade with exquisite precision and imbued with the essence of artisanal mastery. Each piece is a testament to Mindy Lam's unwavering commitment to luxury and sophistication.

Embrace the allure of nature's beauty and adorn yourself with these timeless treasures, destined to elevate your style with effortless grace and refinement.


Signature Metal Lace & the Armour of Femininity 
Weaving heritage, fantasy, and opulence, Lam's unexpected use of metals evoke the power, allure, and enchantment of a woman.  Mindy Lam's work reflects the craftsmanship of the classic couture houses of old, but with a refreshingly modern edge with the fusion of her signature florals and metals. 

A dose of Mindy Lam adds glamour, excitement, and wonder. Metals reimagined in textiles form a new kind of armour, which appear to be as delicate as the finest lace, but with the strength of metal.  This strength, wonder, and luxury converge as the embodiment of the modern, multi-faceted woman. 
The Art of the Clutch

Mindy Lam clutches are works of art and the ultimate conversation pieces when out or with denim. When not in use, these pieces are beautifully displayed in the home styled in vignettes on bookshelves, vanities, or coffee tables. For sold items, you can custom order or Mindy Lam can dream up an original fantasy piece just for you.


Couture & Ready-To-Wear Collection

Couture & Ready-To-Wear Collection

Timeless and versatile luxury staples that reinvent and bring new life to your existing wardrobe and minimalist basics. Just one Mindy Lam piece completely elevates your look, becoming every woman's staple for the perfect finishing touch. 

The versatile classics add sparkle taking you from work to the weekend, to brunch to the ball, and everything in between. 

In 2002, jewelry artist Mindy Lam created classic pieces of jewelry that can last you a lifetime--investment pieces in your 20's and 30's that become staples in your 60's and beyond worn with white crisp shirts and denim,  blazers, and sheaths. Our popular signature design, the Kelly Lariat, can be worn in many styles as a necklace, bracelet, belt, wound through the hair, and much more.  

The couture statement pieces and one-of-kind-clutches seemingly from another century, are works of art to be worn, adored, and lived with the ability of being beautifully displayed in the home.


Denim Blues

Everyone's in denim and sweats?  Dress up those denim blues with items for men and women that will give life to those Zoom calls. Great lapel pins for men and brooches, rings, earrings, and lariats for women.  Greats gifts also available from $38 from our charity collection My Passion Forward Project.

Ethereal Collection

Ethereal Collection

Mindy Lam is a Chinese-American jewelry artist known for her ability to weave various crystals, semi-precious stones, and other precious metals into her signature metal lace. The jewelry artist loves collecting vintage jewelry herself, often gravitating towards elegant and sometimes even quirky pieces; they are all beautiful to her. Lam is able to transform these forgotten vintage pieces and revive them with new life, filled with sparkles and enchantment, after they go through her eyes, heart, and hands.

In contrast to the Homme Collection, the Ethereal Collection is a limited series that includes Lam’s private collection of the rarest and most ornate fine vintage jewelry. She is releasing some of her favorite pieces into the world to make room for new loves and inspiration. From one treasure box to another... 

Addressing SOLD OUT pieces:
Each lapel pin from the Ethereal Collection is crafted as a singular masterpiece, with only one available. Once sold, it will gracefully reside on our site, becoming a part of Mindy's gallery, a testament to the beauty of her past creations. Please feel free to browse through the titles that intrigues you, as each unfolds a unique story. If you are drawn to an unavailable piece from the past, feel free to reach out for a custom order- and let Mindy create a bespoke lapel pin tailored to you.

Email here for custom inquiries with details and budget.


Mindy Lam Homme was originally designed for impeccably dressed gentlemen but now has become a favorite beyond just men, treasured and collected by tastemakers around the world. From the daring sartorialist to the minimalist who loves subtle finishing touches, our one-of-a-kind pieces are consumed like art. Made by hand in her studio, these creations are filled with vintage jewelry elements, precious stones, and Mindy Lam signature techniques... whimsical in nature. Perfect for weddings and special occasions, though our collectors would tell you these pieces can be worn beyond your special day. 

Email here for custom inquiries with details and budget.

View our newest limited series featuring fine vintage jewelry in the Ethereal Collection.

Mindy's Gift Guide

Mindy's Gift Guide

Whether their style is more casual, or if they're bold, classic, or chic, we've got you covered. Items from $38 to let your loved ones know you're thinking about them.

Also there are our one-of-a-kind-lapel pins from our Mindy Lam Homme Collection, included on this list, that are beautiful mini works of art that include vintage jewels elements and Mindy's signature Swarovski crystal blooms.

Have heirloom pieces collecting dust in the jewelry box? We can create custom pieces for your loved one or for yourself, or coordinating pieces for you and a loved one.

Personalize your gift with a note. Just place your message in the checkout notes.

We are accepting orders for custom items. Email for inquiries. 


My Passion Forward Project

My Passion Forward Project


We're going back to basics with the flower that made us. Before all of the magazines, and the couture, it all started with one small flower, so after over 100,000 pieces sold and 10 years in the vault, our timeless collection with versatile, everyday pieces is back as the My Passion Forward Project. 

Each of our designated charities receives 20% of the profits of the collection sales.

We may not be able to reach out and touch the ones we love or know, but we can send them the gift of a little sparkle to help brighten their day-- all while giving back to someone else who we don’t know, with our charitable gifting collection.

Request a special note to be included to further customize your gift to your loved one. 

Read can more about our history and your impact here.

National Kidney Foundation x Mindy Lam

National Kidney Foundation x Mindy Lam

Designer Mindy Lam was honored and thrilled when she heard the National Kidney Foundation Serving the National Capital Area, was spotlighting her story and journey of being a kidney disease survivor and transplant recipient. 

As inspiration, Mindy Lam used the National Kidney Foundation’s color and mission for the basis of the special NKF edition of the collection styles. She has now expanded the colors offered as a part of the celebration of the 40th anniversary.  Expanding beyond the kidney bean logo, she wanted to create a piece of jewelry that was classic and would generate conversation. She also brought back the original pricing from when she first began almost 20 years ago. 

The black center represents a diseased kidney and the orange represents the support and community that the National Kidney Foundation and others provide which creates the necessary healing. The pieces personify the beauty and strength of each kidney patient.


Pearl Talk

Pearl Talk

The Golden Pearl Collection. Pearls are always appropriate, so we have designed a collection for women of all ages and occasions, from demure and demanding.



Mindy Lam's rings range from the most simple pieces in the charitable My Passion Forward Project Collection  for the classic minimalist to bold conversation avant grade pieces in the Ready-To-Wear and Couture collections.


Taubman Museum Limited Edition Collection

Taubman Museum Limited Edition Collection

Artist-jeweler Mindy Lam gained inspiration for this special limited edition collection 
from the Taubman Museum of Art’s striking architecture designed by internationally 
renowned architect Randall Stout set against the majestic surrounding landscape. Nestled
in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the “Star City of the South” inspired the organic star shape, while the silver blues emulate the reflections of the sky seen through the Museum’s soaring glass peak. 

This special limited edition collection benefits children’s educational programs at the Taubman Museum of Art. With your support, 20% of proceeds further the Museum’s impact in schools and afterschool programs, and the creation of educational lessons and hands-on art activities for the community.


May 14, 2021 - June 13, 2021

For more info on the exhibition click here.

[Background: John Singer Sargent (American, 1856-1925), "Portrait of Norah Gribble" (detail), 1888, Oil on canvas, Acquired with Funds Provided by the Horace G. Fralin Charitable Trust, 2000.021]

[Foreground: Rubin Singer couture emsemble, courtesy of Joanne Leonhardt Cassullo, featuring Mindy Lam accessories, including "Sterling Garden: Neck Piece, Metal Lace Cuff, Cuff and Brooch," Silver copper wire, sterling silver, Swarovski crystals, vintage rhinestones, Courtesy of a Private Collection]

[Images by Amy Pearman, Boyd Pearman Photography]

The Cherry Blossom Collection

The Cherry Blossom Collection

Inspired by the District's famous cherry blossom trees and festival, our  popular pin was brought back after partnering with the National Cherry Blossom festival in 2017, along with earrings, rings, and pendant in 3 different color ways. The collection celebrates the cherry blossom season for work to the weekend.

It is handcrafted with Swarovski crystals right here in Maryland. 



The Classic Collection Since 2002

The Classic Collection Since 2002

Timeless and versatile luxury staples that elevate, reinvent, and bring new life to your existing wardrobe.

The Classic Collection are ready-to-wear pieces that take you from day, to, work, to evening. These timeless pieces have been Mindy Lam's best sellers since the inception of the brand in 2002. They continue to stand the test of time worn by women of all ages of their lives, 20's to 60's and beyond.  

The Classic Collection's appeal is rooted in the ability for just one Mindy Lam piece to completely elevate your look, thus becoming every woman's staple. A hint of sparkle for the minimalist's closet of basics, to layering bold pieces for the maximalist fashionista, Mindy Lam is the perfect finishing touch.


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