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Now more than ever, it is important to show those closest to us how much we love them... even in distance. That includes those we love and those closest to us in proximity, like neighbors and coworkers that we know are alone. We all need to take a REAL PAUSE right now. In the midst of chaos, it is important  that we pause in order to maintain our sanity and operate with wisdom.

In the past, I have lost everything including my business and my home due to illness. I have overcome 2 deadly illnesses, the very rare necrotizing fasciitis, flesh eating bacteria disease, (which is how Mindy Lam Jewelry was born, by being on bedrest) and end stage kidney disease. End stage kidney disease caused me to lose my business and ultimately my home due to my inability to work. A vigorous 4 times a day at-home dialysis schedule and my weight whittling down to 98 pounds proved to be too much to handle my million dollar business.  I had to sell all of my belongings and my home. After 3 difficult years, my baby Kai, was of age and donated her kidney, after I finally let her. :-)  After I fully recovered in 2015, I officially relaunched the business in 2016.

Overcoming financial struggles of having to count coins in order to feed my daughter, I know what it is to need help.  So even now as the founder of a luxury brand,  I feel that it is necessary to shift our focus and take our 18 year history of giving back, to the next level. We have given back to charities every month whether it be through donation of couture pieces for auction, (which raises thousands of dollars), to donating a percentage of our in-person trunk show sales, or collaborations, but it is time to do something more, NOW.

A few highlights since the business relaunched in 2016:

  • 2019 American Heart Association Heart Ball auction piece - $8,040 donated
  • National Kidney Foundation over $3,000 donated March 2020- from December trunk show and 1st quarter collection sales
  • Becky’s Fund (Domestic Violence Support) over $2,500 donated
  • 2018-2019 Prevent Cancer Foundation Spring Gala over $2,000 donated
  • St. Jude Hospital via the Patrick Warburton Celebrity Golf Tournament, the nation’s #1 fundraiser for St. Jude - over $5,000 donated 2016-Present


The My Passion Forward Project, our official charitable arm of the business, was not supposed to launch until 6 months from now, but as we are faced more than ever that tomorrow is not promised, we decided to launch at this time, even though everything wasn’t quite “perfect” yet. It is important that we tell people thank you and I love you TODAY, not later. Later is what caused both of my kidneys to fail. Being a superwoman/mom, and putting my health off until later, cost me greatly. 

Before the artful couture and all of the glossy magazines, the birth of the now signature Swarovski crystal blooms began with a single flower. So in theme with remembering the time before all of the bells and whistles, we are going back to our core with the collection that brought us here.

Taking a pause and choosing to share positivity and love, rather than hopelessness and worry, makes others feel good and loved, but it also makes us feel good too.

I feel a responsibility to use my gift and passion to pay it forward to others, as others helped me when I was at my lowest. 

We may not be able to reach out and touch the ones we love or know, but we can send them a little gift of sparkle to help brighten their day-- all while giving back to someone else who we don’t know, with the charitable gifting collection, My Passion Forward Project.

After over 100,000 pieces sold and 10 years in the vault, our timeless collection with versatile, everyday pieces, handcrafted with our signature crystal blooms and semi-precious stones is back.

Each of our designated charities selected by you, when you add a style to your cart and purchase, receives 20% of the profits dedicated to them. 

Your donation helps provide the necessary resources for a variety of charities. For example, when you select Capital Area Food Bank (Washington DC) or Minnie’s Food Pantry (Plano,Texas), this is how big of an impact your purchase makes to families in need.

If you are a charity and would like to partner with Mindy Lam, please contact us at

Together our impact is stronger. I invite you to join me in partnering with the charities that resonate with you most, and provide families experiencing a range of challenges, the much needed support and love they deserve. 

- Mindy

Send your love and give back with the My Passion Forward Project HERE.


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