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Ethereal Collection Lapel Pin - The Jaguar's Anthem

In the dense ethereal jungle, a black jaguar with distinctive gold markings prowled with silent grace. Its sleek, muscular body moved like a shadow among the trees, exuding power and mystery. With every step, the ground trembled beneath its paws, while its roars shook the jungle, commanding awe and fear.

Abundant tropical red crystal flowers bloomed in its wake, their petals unfurled and stretching towards the rays of sunlight filtering through the thick foliage above. The jaguar appeared even more majestic, a regal creature of the wild adorned with the vibrant offerings of nature. Their beauty and fierceness mirrored each other, creating a grand pairing. And so, wherever the black jaguar went, the red crystal flower followed, ruling every path they crossed.

The fierce black jaguar with gold markings is a vintage piece by Ciner, with striking green eyes. The big cat roars through a ring os  Mindy Lam Classic crimson red crystal blooms, surrounded by gold foliage.  Accented with natural emerald and highlighted by floating rhinestone. All this beauty is anchored in a black crystal that is engulfed in gold vines and framed with gold pearls. The lapel pin is finished with 14kt gold-filled wires.

Only 1 available. 

Handcrafted in Maryland by Mindy Lam

Dimensions Approximately: 7" x 2.5"


Mindy Lam Homme was designed for impeccably dressed discerning gentlemen, artists, and performers. From the daring sartorialist and classic man to the minimalist who loves subtle finishing touches.



Timeless and versatile luxury staples that elevate, reinvent, and bring new life to your existing wardrobe.

Pictures do not do justice to these lapels, they are true works of art.... I opened the boxes and each box that I opened took my breath away. 

F. Bister

I have already purchased 2 of your exquisite pieces already and I am pleased with your level of professionalism and of course the is top notch quality and any one wearing your pieces will elicit the highest compliments..looking forward to more purchases.

David H.

I think I am addicted. I am checking the site every day or every other day. Truly beautiful works of art.

M. Scott

I love Mindy’s men’s lapel pins. You can put them in a lighted curio and use them as beautiful art pieces when you are not wearing them!!

Floyd G.

Slowly but surelyI'm beefing up my collection so my peacock doesn't have to sit alone in my dresser!

D. Suarez

Your pieces are so gorgeous! My husband loved "Golden Tweet!" Which I bought him for his birthday! Just made an order for myself. Looking forward to receiving it!

Cailin M.

I absolutely loved this piece on my husband for our wedding! Unique, whimsical, & beautiful! Thank you so much!

Joselyn T.

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