NKF X-Small Earrings Only (Child Size Earrings)

The earrings are handcrafted with Swarovski crystals and vintage rhinestones. The earring is slightly smaller and appropriate for a child.

As inspiration, Mindy Lam used the National Kidney Foundation’s color and mission for the basis of the special NKF edition of the collection styles. Expanding beyond the kidney bean logo, she wanted to create a piece of jewelry that was classic and would generate conversation. The black center represents a diseased kidney and the orange represents the support and community that the National Kidney Foundation and others provide which creates the necessary healing. The pieces personify the beauty and strength of each kidney patient.

These prices are from Mindy Lam’s first collection from almost 20 years ago. These prices are perfect for gifting—corporate gifts and wonderful stocking stuffers for the holiday.  

NKF X-Small Earrings Only (Child Size Earrings)

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