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Ethereal Collection Lapel Pin - Festive Warrior

The guardian of the ethereal realm had just emerged victorious from a battle against the shadows that had threatened to engulf the mystical land. The dragon's scales shimmered with the echoes of his recent battle, a living testament to the victory he had secured for the ethereal realm. Creatures gathered to celebrate the return of their guardian. The victory festival echoed through the trees, a celebration of light reclaiming its dominion over darkness, and the ethereal realm thriving once more under the watchful eyes of its protector.

As the night arrived, the dragon took to the sky, his silhouette against the moon. The creature awaits the dragon's next visit. The ethereal forest whispered its gratitude in the rustling leaves and the gentle hum of the wind.

Our dragon arrives at the center of the ethereal forest filled with vintage flowers. Accented with natural coral and chrome diopside stones. The majestic dragon is rooted in a stunning 36ct green amethyst stone framed by rhinestones and pearls. All finished with 14kt gold-filled wires.

Handcrafted in Maryland by Mindy Lam

Only 1 available. 

Dimensions Approximately: 6.6" x 2.2"


Mindy Lam Homme was designed for impeccably dressed discerning gentlemen, artists, and performers. From the daring sartorialist and classic man to the minimalist who loves subtle finishing touches.



Timeless and versatile luxury staples that elevate, reinvent, and bring new life to your existing wardrobe.

Pictures do not do justice to these lapels, they are true works of art.... I opened the boxes and each box that I opened took my breath away. 

F. Bister

I have already purchased 2 of your exquisite pieces already and I am pleased with your level of professionalism and of course the is top notch quality and any one wearing your pieces will elicit the highest compliments..looking forward to more purchases.

David H.

I think I am addicted. I am checking the site every day or every other day. Truly beautiful works of art.

M. Scott

I love Mindy’s men’s lapel pins. You can put them in a lighted curio and use them as beautiful art pieces when you are not wearing them!!

Floyd G.

Slowly but surelyI'm beefing up my collection so my peacock doesn't have to sit alone in my dresser!

D. Suarez

Your pieces are so gorgeous! My husband loved "Golden Tweet!" Which I bought him for his birthday! Just made an order for myself. Looking forward to receiving it!

Cailin M.

I absolutely loved this piece on my husband for our wedding! Unique, whimsical, & beautiful! Thank you so much!

Joselyn T.

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